WE Use The Highest Quality Organic INGREDIENTS

Superior quality ingredients yield higher concentrations of biologically active compounds, providing more of the chemicals needed to achieve the desired effects of herbal supplementation.

Metta full spectrum hemp extract

(deliver primary effects)

Our full spectrum hemp extracts contain the full expression of the hemp plant from which it is obtained, containing over 500 compounds including naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, aldehydes, ketones, vitamins, trace minerals, omega fatty acids, and proteins.

Metta proprietary synergistic herbal blends

(provide secondary effects; enhance primary hemp supplementation for targeted delivery + maximum benefit)

We select each herb used in our unique blends based on the effect of their main biologically active compounds and unique terpenoid signatures. Our custom formulations provide us with a mechanism to deliver targeted relief to specific biological systems in the human body. This is achieved through naturally occurring terpenoids, which function as messengers, controlling the influx of material into cells.

THE Metta Essentials advantage

Metta Essentials full spectrum hemp extracts combined with our proprietary herbal extract blends dramatically enhance the natural healing properties of your hemp supplementation, offering targeted delivery for specific effects, helping to regulate specific body systems. By supporting a well balanced nervous system, immune system and endocrine system, Metta Essentials products promote overall harmony in the body, allowing you to function at an optimal level.*

More biologically active compounds per serving

Metta Essentials concentrated extracts provide a daily dose of each herbal ingredient featured in the blends, eliminating the need for numerous herbal tinctures…You would need a serving of multiple traditional herbal tinctures + a standard CBD hemp tincture to achieve the same daily dosage contained in just a single serving of our Signature Blends!

+ Increased bioavailability

+ rapid absorption

+ consistent dosing

Metta tinctures are molecularly homogeneous emulsions achieved through ultrasonication into an alcohol base solution. Ultrasonication reduces the particle size of the phytocannabinoids contained in our tinctures, allowing them to completelty disolve and homogenize into the alcohol base, providing optimal absorption into the blood stream. We use alcohol as a carrier to ensure rapid absorption rates of biologically active compounds before they are able to degrade in the body. In addition to increased bioavailability and rapid onset of effects, this process also ensures consistent dosing as the active compounds do not separate in the bottle.

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