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(use 1 hour before bed)

120 MG Full Spectrum Hemp Extract + Valerian Root + Passion Flower + Chamomile + Hops + Lavender

Our blend of full spectrum hemp extract + beneficial botanicals includes adaptogens and powerful herbal sedatives to help you get a great night of deeply restorative sleep and awake feeling rested, alert, and ready to tackle the day.  This blend is intended to be taken 1 hour prior to bedtime.* 


The primary effects of our REST Signature Blend are attributed to the unique cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles of our full spectrum hemp extract derived from a hemp strain know as Cherry Blossom. To further support the goal of promoting restful sleep we’ve incorporated a proprietary blend of synergistic herbal extracts (listed below). This unique blend features herbs with properties known to support relaxation and restoritive sleep. The overall effects of the REST Signature Blend are delivered across multiple physiological systems in an additive manner, resulting in higher efficacy in achieving the desired result…in this case deeply restoritive sleep.*


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Cherry Blossom hemp is a strain of the cannabis sativa plant species that has lower concentrations of THC (.3% or less) and higher concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) 10 – 14%. This strain exhibits complex floral aromatics with a cherry overtone of candied raspberries, acai berries and pine skunk. Our Cherry Blossom hemp flower’s unique cannabinoid profile includes CBD, CBG, & CBC. This strains dominant terpenoids are a-Bisabolol, a-Humulene, β-Caryophyllene, Guaiol…this combination of cannabinioids and terpenoids promotes relaxation and deeply restroative sleep.*

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Organic Valerian Root (Valeriana Officinalis)

Most commonly used for sleep disorders, particularly the inability to sleep (insomnia), valerian is also used orally for anxiety and psychological stress acting like a sedative on the brain and nervous system.

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Commonly taken orally for sleep problems (insomnia), anxiety, adjustment disorder, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), pain, fibromyalgia, relieving opioid withdrawal symptoms, reducing anxiety and nervousness before surgery, and heart failure. Passion Flower may also have calming, sleep inducing, and muscle spasm relieving effects.

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Commonly used orally for anxiety, sleep disorders such as the inability to sleep (insomnia), or disturbed sleep due to rotating or nighttime work hours (shift work disorder), restlessness, tension, excitability, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), nervousness, irritability, and symptoms of menopause.

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Organic Lavender (Lavandula Spp.)

Useful for nervous exhaustion, headaches, or colic and indigestion. The dominant terpenoid in lavender is Linalool.

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Chamomile is commonly regarded as a mild tranquilizer or sleep inducer. Its calming effects may be attributed to an antioxidant called apigenin, which is found in abundance in chamomile tea. Apigenin binds to specific receptors in your brain that may decrease anxiety and initiate sleep

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Do not take if pregnant or lactating. If taking prescription drugs, consult with your healthcare practitioner prior to use.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your healthcare professional before starting a new dietary supplement.